• CL-100 Weather-Sensing System

    C$374.33 C$239.57

    Key Features

    • Built-in radios 
      For easy, wireless installation with less labor than wired systems
    • Temperature sensor for monitoring air temperature 
      Shuts system off in cold weather 
    • Rainsensor™ 
      Adjustable for amount of precipitation to shut off system
    • Solar sensor 
      Monitors the amount of the landscape site’s sun exposure 
    • Receiver Module
      - Connects to the controller with a single plug-in cord. No bundle of wires to individually attach
      - Converts historical and today’s data from the weather sensor to percent of the hottest month’s watering time to apply
      - Appropriately alters the controller’s water budget 
    • Weather SD card
      Contains the 10-year, historical weather information for North America with location access by zip code or latitude/longitude