C$70.20 C$47.73

    • Specially formulated to naturally balance pond water and improve clarity
    • Goes to work on contact
    • Decomposition process starts immediately
    • Not harmful to aquatic life, plants, humans or pets
    • One bottle is equal to a multiple of barley straw bales
    • Can be used all year round
    • No messy residual

    Application Rates

    Pond Size (Gallons)1st and 2nd Week3rd and 4th WeekContinue Every 3 WeeksTotal for 3 Months
    up to 5001 oz.0.5 oz.0.75 oz.5.25 oz.
    500-1,0001.5 oz.0.75 oz.1.25 oz.8.25 oz.
    1,000-1,5002 oz.1 oz.1.5 oz.10.5 oz.
    1,500-2,5002.5 oz.1.25 oz.1.75 oz.12.75 oz.
    2,500-3,0003 oz.1.5 oz.2.25 oz.15.75 oz.
    3,000-4,0003.5 oz.1.75 oz.2.75 oz.18.75 oz.
    4,000-5,0004 oz.2 oz.3 oz.21 oz.
    5,000-6,0004.5 oz.2.25 oz.3.25 oz.23.25 oz.
    6,000-7,0005 oz.2.5 oz.3.75 oz.26.25 oz.
    7,000-8,0005.5 oz.2.75 oz. 4.25 oz.29.25 oz.
    8,000-10,0006 oz.3 oz.4.5 oz.31.5 oz.